Print digital

We use state-of-the-art technology from the DURST Digital Printing range that offers an ideal solution for small and medium prints, printing being possible on rigid or rolling media.

Printers with this technology offer unmatched print versatility and quality at a high speed. They combine laser drying with conventional UV drying technology, so they do not require drying time and can be used as soon as it is removed from the printer.

What DURST technology offers

• 1000 dpi print resolution
• Colors: 4, 6 (CMYK + Light Cyan + Light Magenta)
• Print on both rigid and roller surfaces, with the same high speed: corrugated cardboard, forex, polypropylene, plastic, wood, plexiglass, sticker, paper min. 200g, backlit film, etc.
• No color distortion from one plate to another
• Plate dimensions: from A3 to 2.5 X 3.2 m
• Roller dimensions: 2,5 X width unlimited length
• Board thickness: max. 30 mm
• 24/7 printing capacity
• Maximum print speed 1500mp / hour

UV print on cardboard

Packing, Stands, Tags

UV print on forex

Panels, Stoppers, Totems

UV print on wood

Toys, POSM, Exhibition Stands

UV print on PVC

Hangers, Expo Materials, Desk

UV sticker print

In-door and out-door Stickers

Print on Polypropylene

Illuminated signs, Large panels, Cladding

The advantages of UV Printing

• Quick time to complete the work
• Diversified range of printable materials and products
• Diversified range of printable materials and products
• Without loss of material
• Without additional costs, does not require films, sketches, matrix.

UV printing applications

• Displays and all types of POSMs, advertising panels, banners
• Window graphics, posters, canvas belly
• Light boxes, materials for exhibitions and cinemas
• Presentation stands, sampling tables, desks.