The most advanced technology

Here you will find the most advanced technology for your projects. We can cut on contour, softwood, cutting and engraving materials such as corrugated board, forex, polypropylene, paper, plexiglass, wood, plywood, glass, leather, metal, pallet, mdf, debond, foam, aluminium sheet, etc.

Multicam router for contour cutting and cutting with cutting board: 2200 X 3200 mm

Laser for cutting and engraving with cutting board: 1000 X 1600 mm

CNC in 3 axes for cutting and braking with cutting board: 1300 X 2600 mm

Laser technology has applicability in all fields of activity, so it has found its place both in the advertising industry and in the manufacture of packaging. The laser as a cutting and engraving tool can cut almost anything from paper to steel, with stunning precision. In addition, laser technology is one of the fastest methods of cutting.

What LASER technology offers

Laser cutting technology offers precisely executed details and impeccable-looking surfaces. This cutting technique is an alternative to mechanical machining by cutting, being recommended, especially when it is desired to obtain pieces of a special. The variety of materials that a laser machine can cut is very large.

The Advantages of LASER technology

• high accuracy
• fines in execution
• allows cutting of contours with various geometries
• the cutting width is very small
• reduced cutting time
• the parts can be used immediately.

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